20 Ways a Blog Will Power Up Your Expert Business

Is your expert-driven business missing out on a big opportunity? If you don’t have a blog on your website, I can answer that question for you… YES, you are missing a BIG marketing, sales, and customer retention opportunity. “But it’s only a blog” you say… A bunch of boring articles that nobody’s going to read.

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Breaking through personal roadblocks

Imagine: If you could travel back in time and meet yourself, what advice would you give? Perhaps you would tell yourself…. “Avoid mistake X at all costs”.  Maybe you’d say…. “Only work with enterprises with Y & X characteristics”. Or you might advise… “You’ve got to deal with your mental roadblocks”. And if you could

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Try to be positive. It’s okay to think about your business.

Many of us have experienced nothing like this before. Isolated in our homes. Forcibly (and understandably) separated from people we care about. Worrying about the vulnerable people we know. Or worse still… Learning about people who are sick or gone forever. Set against all of that… It’s hard to focus on business. After all… Our

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Why the Like Button is a trap and how to move towards freedom

One of the biggest problems that individuals face is the Like button. We’re used to seeing this button online, on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  But this button doesn’t just exist on social media. It exists inside of us. We feel our Like button being pushed when a client gives us praise… And we feel it NOT

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