From Frustration to Success: How Writing a Book Transformed My Business

BOOM! Covid hit, and overnight my biggest clients cancelled their contracts... so I decided to make a big change.

Hey there, fellow impact-makers! 🚀

Ready to make a serious impact and ignite your passions?

Let’s talk about the power of writing a book and how it can transform your career and your life.

Writing a book may seem daunting, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Here’s why:

  • Your book can be an evergreen authority asset that books meetings whilst you sleep.
  • It positions you as the go-to expert without being salesy.
  • Writing a book helps you differentiate yourself from 99.9% of other leaders who never write a book.
  • It shows your commitment and dedication to your niche.

Your book can also spark other products and projects. Just think how many products have been inspired by the Harry Potter books! (Personally, I use my book to deliver keynotes, structure workshops, and so much more.)

Now, you might be thinking, “What drove you to write a book, Andrew?”

Well, let’s rewind to the middle of COVID…

Before the pandemic hit, I was making steady progress with my marketing agency, selling £25K products and getting paid for consulting.

Then BOOM! Covid hit, and overnight my biggest clients cancelled their contracts, and my smallest ones, who were already struggling because of the weight of Brexit, started to wind up their companies.

Things were looking pretty dire.

But, truth be told, COVID wasn’t the only challenge facing my business.

I’d become increasingly frustrated with the agency model. Despite my best efforts, my clients weren’t achieving satisfactory results.


Because they weren’t taking any ownership of the results. They were either:

  • A — Expecting me to do all the work (and for them to just sit back and soak in the sunshine)
  • B — Not mentally growing as they grew their business (they weren’t asking better questions of themselves, or facing up to their assumptions and lack of knowledge)

That’s when I realized that my clients needed coaching. (I’d already experienced the benefits of coaching and knew how powerful it could be.)

Once I accepted that my clients needed coaching, I had to make a change.


Well, back in 2015, I had unexpectedly been made redundant from my role in a VFX company (film industry) after the business had gone into administration. The shuttering of that business had been a painful experience for many people, including me. I didn’t want others to experience that same pain. I wanted other people to have prosperous and flourishing businesses.

It was the desire to help companies thrive and win that had led me to starting an agency in the first place.

But now I realized that providing agency services wasn’t enough. Without the power of coaching, my clients could have the best marketing and sales strategy in the world, and they still wouldn’t win. 

I decided to make a change and fully commit to coaching. 

How did I start coaching?

Well, some of my existing marketing clients transitioned into coaching relationships, and other coachees were early stage entrepreneurs that I connected with via my extended business network (TIP: podcasting is a great way of building out your network) .

Now you might wonder…. ”How did the coaching go?”

Great. I love coaching and I’ve been helping both teams and entrepreneurs get great results. 

BUT…. There was a problem with my coaching model. 

  • I was having to chase after my leads, which I disliked.
  • I didn’t have much authority when I began conversations with new people
  • Being just another ‘coach’ commoditized me and weakened my value.
  • People had low trust levels when they first started talking with me (it was like starting from square one every time (exhausting!)

I was determined to shake things up. I was determined to move from outbounds to inbound sales. I was determined to powerfully differentiate myself. 

The question was…. How would I do this?

By publishing a radically different book about team performance. It would be inspired by time working in hundreds of different teams in the film industry (both as leader and as regular team member).

The VFX company I worked for — that had suddenly collapsed — had never been exposed to leadership and team training. And in hindsight, I realized that this had been a huge mistake. I also knew that the owners of smaller companies don’t connect or relate to highbrow books about team and culture.

I saw an opportunity and decided to seize it.

So I decided to write a book about team performance for these leaders and business owners. 

Now, writing the book took me a number of years because it required:

  • vast amount of research
  • Never ending brainstorming
  • huge amounts of writing (I must have written over 300,000 words in total)
  • radically different layout and style…

Why was the style different? 

Because I wanted it to be fast, fun, and easy to read. I wanted to ensure that every business leader picked up the book and finished it. I wanted the book to have an impact… not be a dust magnet.

Let’s fast forward to today….

Writing and publishing my book has been an incredible journey, and it’s  been worth it because of the impact it’s making. People are buying it, leaders are taking on its ideas, and businesses and communities will elevate because of it.

But the book is also improving my life and business. I’m now….

  • getting contacted directly for keynotes and workshops
  • booking meetings with medium and giant-sized enterprises
  • building strategic relationships faster
  • Getting media invites

What’s more, the book has powerfully differentiated me in the market. After all, who else would write a book called ‘Monsters of Team Performance’? 

Nobody else, that’s who. 

My book certainly stands out amongst all the gray and typical books about leadership that you’ll find on Amazon.

Now, you might be wondering….

“How can all of this help me?”

Well, you can follow the same path as me and become a business authority by writing and publishing your own book. 

Don’t let your doubts hold you back, I’m just a regular guy who couldn’t write very well five years ago, and yet, here I am.

So, if I can write a five-star book that gets sold on Amazon and book meetings with enterprise companies, so can you. 

It’s time for you to impact and ignite, just like I did.

Let’s go!


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