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The world’s #1 Smart Development System for Independent Leaders & Teams who aspire to cut chaos, smash barriers, and defy gravity — so they can finally transition to the lifestyle business of their dreams.

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Hi — I’m Andrew.

I’m here to help you and your team.

Because it’s true that we all need a little help sometimes.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to help you to cut the chaos, reduce the random, and transition to the lifestyle of your dreams.

How will I do it?

Now all this may seem a bit airy-fairy and hard to grasp right now…

Well that’s okay, it’s 100% normal to feel that way.

After all, the path ahead of you is yet unclear.

But I ask you to just go with it for a moment. And as we talk, you’ll begin to see how the puzzle fits together.

Ready to take action?

If “YES”, you can book a free walkthrough of the GRO.W.L. System Blueprint here. I’ll share how it works, and how your team can use it to make sustainable improvements.

If “NO”, keep reading to learn about The GRO.W.L System approach and the problems it solves.

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Andrew Bull

It's NOT for you if...

It's a GOOD MATCH if...

Your vision looks something like this...

Does this sound like you? If you said "YES", you must keep reading....

Andrew Bull

You can achieve the lifestyle business of your dreams...

Other leaders have proved it's possible.

Independent leaders like you can transition to a lifestyle business.

I’ll tell you why….

Because other leaders have already done it.

  • Accountant Clive has gone from working six days a week, two four days.
  • Nathan went from plumber to full-time travel blogger.
  • Danielle moved her family to Costa Rica, so they could immerse themselves in nature and have more time together — her business is delivering huge value to customers around the world

Furthermore, I bet you personally know leaders who have plenty of time, money, and fun.

So having a lifestyle business is possible, and you don’t need an unconventional career or business to do it (e.g. it’s not just for travel bloggers).

Now, I’m going to telling you something else important!

Listen closely.

I believe in you.

I believe that you’ve got the courage and ability to change the way you grow, work, and live.

Plus, I believe you’ve got the motivation to do it too.

So what’s lacking?

A coherent business development system, the kind of system that will harness your team’s positive energy and turn it into sustainable improvements, the kind of improvements that help your business win more often….

And even better than that…

The kind of improvements that enable you to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

It's not you....

Wondering, why you haven’t already achieved your dream lifestyle?

Well, it’s not your fault….

The modern business world is a chaotic and hyperactive mess of information, ideas, and activity.

What’s worse…

Like a hurricane that never quits, this perfect storm of ideas and tactics, relentlessly smashes against your team’s focus and attention.

With this tempest of information and noise raining down on them, it’s no surprise that your team often hit roadblocks, pursue ineffective tactics, and fail to see projects through. (Who can blame them?….they’re only human.)

The lack of progress is painful.

But what really sucks about this situation, is that….

Working hard and investing good money isn’t moving you towards your dream lifestyle. (Remember that?)

No, you're not imagining things...

Many people who teach business, know little of running and sustaining an enterprise like yours.

Five minutes chatting with a fruit & vegetable seller at Walthamstow Market would likely yield better practical advice than a month spent learning from these institutionalised experts.

Take, for example, Marketing Communications by PR Smith and ZE Zook.

This book is utterly impractical for business leaders like you.

It’s suitable for students who write 10,000 word essays, not leaders who need results.

Sadly, books like this are how you’re supposed to ‘learn’ about important aspects of your business.

So you’re not imagining things. The business improvement world, really isn’t set up to help leaders like you.

To the other extreme, we have independent leaders whose attempts to develop their businesses are best represented by…

  • putting their cards through people’s letter boxes
  • SEO (Search engine optimisation) of their website
  • publishing more posts on LinkedIn

Sure, if you only want to wash windows for a living, putting your card through letterboxes might be the all-in-one marketing approach that works best.

Now, SEO and Social Media posting are both worthy marketing tactics.

However, if you’re developing a sustainable business, you need more than one-off tactics.


Because as an Independent leader — you face greater challenges and opportunities.

You probably need to:

  • take leads on a longer journey
  • delegate more tasks to your team
  • improve your business so you can start taking a backseat

And if you’re trying to do that, you need more than random tactics and academic books.

You need a smart business development system.

A system that’s based on real world experience.

A system that’ll help your team take ownership of the business goals and mission.

A system that’ll help you win.

Don't let know-it-all corporate leaders drag you down.

What he said shocked me….

“Independents are usually run by megalomaniacs.”

This is a direct quote from a senior corporate leader. He believes that Independent Leaders are chaotic, egotistical, mavericks who run around doing whatever they like. That Independent Leaders operate on a whim, rejecting systems and process.

Now, I don’t believe that’s true.

I know many Independent Leaders who are capable of designing, building and following processes.

What’s more….

Unlike slow-to-move corporate leaders — when Independent Leaders see an urgent opportunity or challenge — they take decisive action, fast!

For me, the best Leaders are Independent Leaders.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do better.

It doesn’t mean that we should be satisfied with the status quo.

Should we?

I’m sure you’d agree….

When there’s a smarter way to improve your business and use your business development budget, you need to grab it with both hands.

And you might also think…

That embracing an opportunity to empower your team and improve your work/life balance would be pretty smart too.

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

The GRO.W.L System ™ is the smart opportunity that Independent Leaders like you have been waiting for.

Attend our Blueprint Event and learn how the GRO.W.L System ™ can work for leaders and teams like yours.

You can transition to the lifestyle of your dreams.

Attend our blueprint event and start your journey today.

The harder you run, the deeper you travel into the wilderness

Growing a business is hard.

It’s made harder by the sheer volume of information and tactics that surround enterprises like yours.

Your team members are smart, hardworking, and innovative people. So they grab hold of the best tactics they come across, and with good intention, attempt to improve your business.

You support them, because you want your team to win, and because you want to achieve your business goals.

But most of all, you want to get to a point where you can take your foot off the pedal and transition to the lifestyle business of your dreams.

The kind of lifestyle where you work less and…

  • take a day or two off every week
  • live where you want and travel where you want
  • finally have time to pursue the hobbies and things you love.
  • spend precious time with the people that you cherish

But here’s the thing….

As your team runs from idea to idea, enthusiastically trying to implement tactic after tactic, your business and life goals don’t get closer….

….they get further and further away.

It’s like being lost in a forest as the night draws in. You run around trying to find your way out, but the harder you run, and the more you search, the more you get lost, and the deeper you get lost in the wilderness. As night takes hold, reality bites….the gap between where you are now and your dream destination (that cosy cabin with the Hot Tub) just keeps getting bigger and BIGger and BIGGER.

You and your team end up tired, confused and frustrated at all the tactics you’ve been chasing, that haven’t paid off.

Who can blame you for feeling that way?

Not me.

After all, you’re not alone.

Many leaders, in fact, the majority leaders are lost in the business wilderness.

Wondering if I can back up that statement?

Here are a few charts that underline the point I’m making.

Number (in 1000s) of UK Companies 2019

Data compiled from Business Statistics, Briefing Paper, House of Commons Library

As you can see (in FIG.1), the vast majority of UK companies have either zero or less than 10 employees. However, on average, these smaller companies generate far less per employee than larger companies (see FIG.2 below). 

Typical revenue per employee

Data compiled from Business Statistics, Briefing Paper, House of Commons Library

Sadly, the pain doesn’t end there.

When you compare the average hourly rate in the UK (FIG.3), there’s little difference between being a business owner* or employee.

(*If you’re the owner of a Zero Employee, Micro, or Boutique business.)

Earnings per hour (Boss Vs Employee)

Data calculated using Briefing Paper, House of Commons Library, average UK boss working hours, average employee hours and wage.

And the reason for that?

Business owners typically have to work longer hours than employees.

As you can see, from the charts above, the average leader in the UK is working harder, and earning less than you might expect.

So if you’re in this business wilderness, and working too hard, and not earning enough, you’re not alone.

Many other leaders are still trying desperately to achieve the lifestyle business that got them started in the first place.

So you’re not alone.

And it’s certainly not your fault….

There’s so much information out there. So many tactics we’re surrounded by. It’s easy for you and your team to get lost running after the wrong things.

However, I’ve got good news for you…

There’s one simple idea that can change things for the better.

An idea that will help you and your team move away from pursuing chaotic tactics and random ideas that don’t add up too much.

An idea that will help you leave the business wilderness.

An idea that will help you make smart improvements to your business.

What you need is a SYSTEM.

A business development system.

And you don’t need any old system, you need a SMART business development system.

Attend our GROWL Blueprint Event and learn all about our system.

It’s the smart business development system that you and your team need.

You can reserve your seat here.

It's time to leave the wilderness.

Attend our blueprint event and start your journey today.

You might believe in this myth...

Myth #1. Leaders must provide the solution

DIY is awesome. Getting your hands dirty has probably played a pivotal role in your business.

But it’s not the only way to tackle an opportunity or challenge.

At times, the Do-It-Yourself approach can be the longest and most expensive way to get something done.

Sure, it makes sense in the early days.

But eventually you realise that trying to crack every walnut on your own — is a waste of your time — worst of all, it’s slowing down your team.

And remember….

When you stop trying to carry the entire weight of your business development, it’s not saying “NO” to being involved and in control…..

It’s saying “YES” to a system that improves team performance.

It’s saying “YES” to unlocking the potential of your business.

It’s saying “YES” to the lifestyle business of your dreams.

Now more than ever, you need to…

Here’s why…

Because how you spend matters

It’s easy to rush into projects. Especially when you’re keen to leap ahead with your business.

But rushing in can be disastrous.

Imagine, say, that you decide to upgrade your company’s CRM. You know that a better system will empower your sales team and drive growth. You’re about to take three months off to spend time with your family, so you quickly choose a software solution one of your team suggests, and you leave the project in their capable hands.

Now imagine returning from holidays to find things have gone downhill fast. The project is a complete disaster.

The software migration has stalled half-way. IT and Sales are at loggerheads. And what’s worse… your IT team accidentally sent out a completely inappropriate test video to your entire customer database.

All your pre-holiday stress returns in an instant. Instead of leaping ahead, the business has gone backwards. And now you’ll have to sink months of time and energy into getting it back on track…

That’s the danger of rushing in.

But situations like this can be avoided.

By setting the right goals…
By choosing the right methods for achieving them…
And by taking the time to get your team on board with new ideas and projects…

You’ll eliminate costly barriers of resistance, save big dollars, and stay on the path toward your greater business vision.

Because others are paying attention

Installing the GR.OW.L. System isn’t just useful internally. It reflects on your business as well.

It shows…

  • That you’re a modern organisation…
  • That you’re open to a non-traditional structure (you don’t depend on fixed limiting hierarchies)
  • That your enterprise is mature and strong enough to seek a range of opinions and options
  • That you’re willing to put your hand up and ask for help

By showcasing your progressive working culture, you’ll make yourself far more attractive to top talent and set your business up with a powerful reputation within its field.

Because technology can be overwhelming

Technology is great.

But it also creates a relentless amount of options and distractions.

“What if we did this?”

Before you know it, you’re lost in overwhelming rounds of development and innovation.

Now’s the time to commit to modern project methodologies…

Now’s the time to step back from technology.

And get clarity on the big questions, challenges, and opportunities your business is facing.

But before you can solve these problems, there’s something else you need to realise…

Shallow work is killing your progress

What is shallow work?

It’s that noisy work that gets discarded in six months time. It’s work that keeps your team “busy” but fails to move the needle.

Picture this: Your talented team members chained to a treadmill. They can never move forwards because they’re stuck repeating the same tasks over and over again.

Scheduling the same meetings. Replying to the same emails. Dealing with the daily grind instead of laying the foundations for future success.

Their talents are being squandered…

They get no enjoyment from their jobs…

And they’re making zero impact for your business.

You need to get them off the treadmill – so they can reach their potential. And you can reach yours.

Using a system, like the GRO.W.L System, helps you take a step back and go deep on your big issues.

So you can ditch the shallow work and finally make substantial progress on what matters.

You have a simple choice:

  • 1 Carry on right now with a limited perspective — and get more shallow work done.​


  • 2 Step back and start making those big moves, get more deep work done, and accelerate your enterprise and your transition to the lifestyle business of your dreams.

What are you waiting for?

It's time for deep work that moves your business and life forwards.

Attend our blueprint event and start your journey today.

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

If you’re still not sure whether your business would benefit from then GRO.W.L System, ask yourself these questions…

Do you find yourself:

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you know it’s time to make some changes.

The mindset shift you need right now

Want to know the simplest yet most rewarding change you can make?

It’s a change in mindset.

Change the way you think, and the right actions will follow.

Here’s what you need to do…

#1 Take a step back. Are you too close to the coalface to see what’s really going on? Does your team have the ability to get perspective on the big issues and decisions? Are you taking the time to consider all the options – or are you choosing the first one that lands on the table?

#2 Imagine what a better approach to starting projects would look like. What would it mean for your business? More project success. A more motivated team. More long-term results.

#3 Open your mind to getting outside assistance. How would a fresh perspective empower you to make better decisions?

Now, let’s clear something up here.

Getting expert help doesn’t mean being told what to do. Not if you choose the an expert-designed system that empowers rather than dictates to your team.

It means having an extra weapon in your arsenal…
Having more options on the table and more ideas to work with…
And having clarity on your next steps…

So that you have the power to better lead your team, make decisions, and achieve your goals with confidence.

Who am I to be telling you this?

I’m the author of AWOL to GROWL, Andrew Bull.

I’ve been through business successes and failures. And I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Now I help businesses spot and avoid those same mistakes.
It’s my mission to help businesses, and the people who run them, flourish.

I help leaders and teams identify the shallow work that’s sucking up their time and energy…

Set the right goals and choose the right projects…

Spend more time doing work that makes an impact and gives fulfilment…

And live a happier, more balanced life.

Doing this is not just my job. It’s my passion. That’s why I created the GRO.W.L System.

I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to show you what it’s all about. To do that, you’ll need to reserve a seat at our Blueprint Event.

It’s time to GROWL.

Andrew Bull


The GRO.W.L™ System

for Independent Leaders who want to cut the chaos, reduce the rambo, and leave the business wilderness — so they can finally transition to the lifestyle business of their dreams.​

The Big Idea

We’re here to help you grow, work, and live smarter. (It’s what GRO.W.L stands for!)

We don’t measure success in purely financial terms. For us, success is far more than profits created for shareholders.

If our system leads to…

  • you and your team having a better work life balance
  • your team winning more and making sustainable improvements
  • you working less and taking more of a back seat

….we know we’ve been successful.

Our Appoach

When you work with us, you’ll get the following…

Say “YES” to a Smarter Business

Unlock your team's potential. Unlock your business potential. Unlock your lifestyle potential.

What makes the GRO.W.L™ System different...

Now, if you’re still sceptical about business development systems, I get it.

In fact, you should be…

It’s only wise to question what people are selling and make sure you’re dealing with someone truthful and genuine.

So all I can tell you is this. We’re here to make your life and business better.

When you work with us, our values will quickly come across in everything we do.

We’re different because…

We're not prescriptive

We empower and support you, not tell you what to do.

This might seem strange, but trust me, it will make total sense after we’ve walked you through the GRO.W.L System Blueprint.

Next steps might not be us!

If our system is a good fit for you, we’ll let you know.

However, if our GRO.W.L System isn’t a good fit, we’ll try to refer you to an expert in our network.

We’re not interested in selling sand in a desert.

Driven by core values

We’re here to help you grow, work, and live smarter. You won’t hear us suggesting that your team should work weekends or check their email before bedtime.

We always focus on positive next steps — living in the moment and thinking positively is a core part of our business philosophy.

Andrew Bull

Why wait?

Life’s too short to waste time. Let us help you see the bigger picture… Gain clarity… … Empower your team…Start working less and achieving more… And reach your vision for a successful business and a better life.

Take action and reserve your seat at our Blueprint Event today.

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