How Teams Achieve More: Greatness Lies in the Little Things

Lots of books talk about how to build great teams. However, few focus on little things — those seemingly insignificant actions that can have a big impact. Here are some of the little things that can make you and your team more productive, happier, and better connected:

1) Take time to listen to your fellow team members

We often over-communicate our own points to the point of being self-centered, but we aren’t always good at listening. 🙉

Listen with your heart and mind open so that you can truly understand what your teammates are saying.

When in listening mode:

  • Resist the urge to jump-in, to complete sentences, or to offer a solution (unless one is requested).
  • Ask follow-up questions so you can truly grasp what your colleague is trying to communicate (Bonus: your teammate will get added clarity on their own thoughts)
  • Master listening to others and you’ll gain an amazing super-power for work and life.

2) Respect other people’s opinions

It’s easy to disagree with one another in the pursuit of perfection. But each person contributes unique perspectives that will help the team and business make a better decision. So make room for other people’s opinions.

Strong teams find ways for every member to have their voice heard and be listened to, so they feel respected and valued.

People who feel respected and valued, tend to have higher levels of self-worth — a key contributor to personal happiness & contentment.

3) Focus on things that do not come easy

Easy tasks and projects don’t stretch your team’s abilities. They won’t help you grow or push your team to the next level of excellence.

It’s those difficult tasks, projects and relationships that force a team to work together more closely, find creative solutions, and improve their communication.

Bonus: when tough situations are thrust upon your team, they’ll be better prepared and more likely to find a way through it.

In Summary…

Small changes can lead to a positive environment where people feel like they belong, where creativity is encouraged and everyone feels valued.

Are you ready to make big & small improvements to your team’s performance?

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