Andrew Bull interviewed for XL 10 Minute Leaders

Andrew was asked to guest on XL 10 Minute Leaders.

In this episode Andrew shares….

  • What separates Average Team Members from Winning Team Members
  • What Leaders can do to break negative performance cycles
  • How to make easy & significant performance changes as a leader
  • How to get things right from day one

You need to take time and listen to your team members, you can think of the job interview being the high point, the first date, where everyone’s really enthusiastic ,but then you hire the person, you feel that seat. And then, all too often, people get neglected, and they don’t get listened to, and no one takes the time to talk to them… take the time to sit down with your team members once a quarter and have a conversation with them

Andrew Bull on the XL 10 Minute Leaders show

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