InterstellarWay.Life is a funky name...

Here’s the thing…

Our name was inspired by a story 📖

The story of an astronaut 👩‍🚀 who goes on a vital mission, a mission to save the world 🌍.

Sadly, the astronaut is so consumed by the mission… that he’s missing for 70 years of his daughter’s life. He misses precious time with the person he loves 😢

We know this astronaut isn’t alone…

Many CEOs and team-members get ‘lost in space’…

They get sucked into ‘business blackholes’ that consume their time and freedom. They miss special moments with the ones they love. They sacrifice their health 🤢 and hobbies 🏄‍♀️ for the sake of the mission.

We’re not happy 👎 about this situation.

In fact, we’re mad 😤  about this situation. And we’re not going to take it anymore…

Our mission: To help you defy gravity 🚀 and elevate performance in business and life.

What does defying gravity mean?

Many leaders and team members are consumed by the dark gravity of three black holes.

#1. Blackhole of Mind
When a person’s mind isn’t ready 🤯 — they struggle to be a top performer in business and life.

#2. Blackhole of Time
When a person isn’t paying attention to the right things — they lack time ⌛️ for needle-moving-projects, people they love, and hobbies.

#3. Blackhole of Value
When a person focuses on taking value from the world — they often come back empty handed.

These blackholes have a powerful gravity that consumes a person’s opportunities, freedom, and happiness.

We’ve got the rockets, fuel, and directions  🚀 🔋 🧭  that your team needs…

That will help your team and business defy gravity and elevate performance.

That will help you increase…

  • Performance in business and life 🔝
  • Time⏳  & freedom for people and things that matter
  • Value you give 🎁  and receive
  • Happiness and contentment 😊
Why elevate business & life?

Life and business are no longer separate entities. They collide on a daily basis 💥

For example:

  • If you have a really bad day at work, it’s likely to impact how you talk 😡 with your family… “Don’t talk to Dad, he’s in a bad mood”
  • If you have a bad night’s sleep, it will affect your sales presentation the next day 💤
  • A team members desk might be in their bedroom 💻 🛏

Rather than pretending that business & life can be neatly separated…

  • We accept they collide and create challenges
  • We help people overcome these challenges… and even turn them into growth opportunities.
  • We redefine business success for our business:
    • ❌ Success isn’t signing 100 new contacts that leave no time for family and loved ones
    • ✅ Success is signing 50 new contracts and having time for loved ones and hobbies

That’s why our focus isn’t just on business growth.

We focus on helping people grow, work, and live smarter. (You can see this focus in our podcast and other places).

We believe this focus will make the world a better and happier place.

How can you elevate my performance?

Great question.

We elevate 🚀  leaders and teams through a mix of free and paid products.

Paid Products & Services

Free Products & Opportunities

Thanks 🙏  for learning about Interstellar Way of Life.

We’d love to learn about you…

Contact us and start the conversation.


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