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Podcast for Technology CEOs and their teams.

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Interstellar Business Show​

Podcast for Tech CEOs who want to grow their minds, elevate performance, and own their future.

Polarising Audiences: Aleks Svetski on Audiences, Government Vs Free Market, Bitcoin Financial Disruption.


Special Guest
Aleks Svetski —  Writer, Speaker & Founder at

Episode Introduction

Guest on today’s show… Aleks Svetski —  Writer, Speaker & Founder at, the world’s first Bitcoin accumulation app.

The Big Problem

Many companies fail because they try to target the masses.  So their ‘bland’ message is ignored by everyone. Aleks Svetski believes business owners need to target the remnant and not the masses if they want to survive and prosper.  Listen and learn what he means.

In today’s podcast Andrew is joined by Aleks Svetski,  an entrepreneur with strong opinions and strong ideas about what it takes to succeed in business and how the world is going to be radically changed by bitcoin.

Listen and learn Aleks’…

– Secret entrepreneurial story… you’ll want to hear it

– Views on government and entrepreneurship and free markets

– How Aleks leans out as a leader

– Why bitcoin is going to shake up financial markets and the way we live

– Strong perspective on #bitcoin versus other coins

Strap yourself in… this is a big episode.

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Episode notes & resources

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More about Aleks Svetski…

Aleks Svetski on Twitter -> @GhostOfSvetski 

PLEASE NOTE: Andrew Bull says “Do your own investment research and get independent financial advice. Links below are provided for educational purposes, and are not an endorsement of what you should, or should not invest in”

Alek’s bitcoin app -> – available in US and Australia

Alek’s essays – for the deepest & most thought provoking essays on Bitcoin. 1 edition/yr

Alek’s on medium – 



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