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Andrew's Book

Andrew Bull is the author of Monsters of Team Performance. He’s combined over 25 years of real-world experience of team performance challenges and the latest scientific research to create this book.

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Bull has the experience of leading and working in teams from 10 to 150 people in a range of industries (Film, Tech, Marketing)… he knows where the Team Performance Monsters are buried!

Andrew Bull shares his insights in a way that is both practical, fun, and easy to understand, and his techniques have been proven to help teams achieve success.

Media contact: To request an interview with Andrew Bull, please contact

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  1. Why a Brave New World demands a Brave New Team
  2. The Monsters of Team Performance
  3. Myth busted: money does NOT support motivation 
  4. How to build shockproof teams
  5. Why “shutting up” is the first step to better communication 
  6. Teams can 10x productivity by using their subconcious
  7. Why Leaders must not break their promises
  8. Big scary changes: how to get a team onboard with them
  9. Blame culture – how to defeat it
  10. How leader’s expectations powerfully influence performance
  11. Why Happiness should be a KPI
  12. Team performance the foundation for business success
  13. How nervous CEOs can get more time at the beach and a stronger business
  14. Why surveillance kills innovation and team connection
  15. Innovation – how to nurture it in your team
  16. Do teams really need to have fun?
  17. How to stop micromanaging and start leading
  18. New Wealth — how companies can afford to pay for it
  19. Why teams need workshops, car keys, and boogie boarding
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About Andrew

Andrew Bull is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and teams escape gravity and elevate performance in business and life. Known as the Interstellar Strategist, Bull is adept at identifying ways to elevate team and business performance. Whether on his podcasts or speaking at live events, Bull inspires people to have courage, own their future, and take action.

Bull started his career in the UK film industry, where he helped the biggest leaders realise their visions for exciting film and advertising projects (including Harry Potter, Moulin Rouge, 300, Sony, Volvo, Philips).

After 18 years of working in the film business, Andrew found himself at a crossroads. Whilst he was materially satisfied, and the work was interesting (travelling the world and meeting different people), he lacked time and freedom for loved ones and hobbies.

So in 2016, Bull started his business so he could “own his future” and achieve a better work/life balance. Whilst growing his business, Bull has made plenty of mistakes and suffered brutal lessons. And although he found these lessons hard to suffer in the short-term, in the long-term he’s found them incredibly valuable. They’ve helped Bull grow and elevate his performance. They’ve helped him become a better coach, a better father, and a better person.

These lessons also helped Bull discover the truth about a big question: What really drives business performance? The team. If the team isn’t performing at the right level, a business can have the best marketing/sales/product in the world and still struggle to achieve its goals. Even worse, when a team is underperforming, the leader and team have to work more and stress more. And they get sucked into business black holes that consume their time and freedom.

Bull wasn’t happy with this situation and did something about it. He created InterstellarWay.Life, a coaching solution that helps leaders and their teams defy gravity and elevate performance in business and life.

InterstellarWay.Life offers workshops and team accelerators that help teams overcome the challenges of our Brave New World.

In 2022 published Andrew Bull published his first book called Monsters of Team Performance. A book that gives leaders a fast way to elevate their team’s motivation, culture, teamwork, innovation, and wellbeing.

Bull is also the host of the popular and highly-rated podcast, the Interstellar Business Show, where he connects technology leaders (CEOs, executives) with the best business ideas and leadership stories. When he’s not busy helping leaders elevate their teams, Bull loves spending time with his family and friends.

Media contact: To request an interview with Andrew Bull, please contact

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Media contact: To request an interview with Andrew Bull, please contact

Speaking requests: Andrew loves public speaking. His talks are fun, down-to-earth, and motivating. To book Andrew for your next event, please contact  

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