Skill Stacking and Turning NOs into Opportunities

A project fell through for me this week, but instead of seeing a slammed door, I see a launchpad for greater opportunities.

Welcome, Impact Igniters!

In today’s newsletter, I’m diving into the marvellous world of skill stacking, turning a “NO” into an opportunity, and what’s on my horizon. Buckle up, and let’s blast off!


🎓 Skill Stacking: A Myth Busted 🦄

There’s a cheeky little myth doing the rounds, whispering in the ears of ambitious entrepreneurs: to succeed, you must become a master of every skill your business needs.

But hold up!

Here’s the real deal: you only need to hone enough skills to monetise, turn a profit, and assemble your dream team.

Picture this: once you’re raking in profits and have a trusty team by your side, your business can tackle a smorgasbord of projects. It’s like unlocking a treasure chest of possibilities!

The key?

Focusing on profitability ASAP, so you can hire team members and make a more significant impact.

Now, let’s get real.

You have a choice to make: will you spend your days chasing the elusive mastery of countless skills or concentrate on growing a game-changing, impactful business?

Remember, you can’t have it all. It’s time to prioritise one of those goals and let the other take a back seat.

🎯 Action Steps:

  • Embrace the idea that you don’t need to master every skill.
  • Visualise your future core role and focus on short-term, profitable activities that lead you there.
  • Relentlessly pursue these activities and leave non-essential skills to others.

Remember: Richard Branson doesn’t fly the planes, sell tickets, or shoot commercials for Virgin Atlantic!


🚪 When a NO Becomes an Opportunity 🌈

A project fell through for me this week, but instead of seeing a slammed door, I see a launchpad for greater opportunities.

OLD ME would’ve been disheartened by rejection; NEW ME uses this setback to meet executives across this massive enterprise and make a wider, potentially global impact. By putting my best foot forward, I’m determined to turn a small/local NO into a bigger, global YES.

Remember, continuing to see opportunities even when the chips are down is an essential habit for all entrepreneurs to develop. So next time you get a NO, dig deep, find your resilience, and use it as fuel to propel you towards even greater success.


🗓️ On My Agenda This Week

  • I’ll be delivering the Opening Keynote at a Manufacturing conference in Milton Keynes, UK. Finalising my speech and my stand will take up a big chunk of my week.
  • I’ll continue building momentum on LinkedIn for my Enterprise Leadership/Team offer. I need to find more collaborators there and also ensure that I’m calling out my audience in my posts. My posts there are targeted at CEOs, HR Execs, Operations Execs and Enterprise Middle Management.


🔮 Looking Ahead

  • I’ll be removing some of my inactive/legacy followers on Twitter… I believe this will help with the algorithm and engagement. Purely, because a larger percentage of my followers will be engaging with my posts.
  • I’m going to  launch a MVP Igniters 🔥  coaching group on the week of the 24th of April… more on that soon.

Let’s go!


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