Team & Culture Elevation

With Andrew Bull

Helping Technology Companies elevate culture and team performance.

Global trends are challenging tech companies...

Working from the beach is the new normal

Many teams are 100% remote or hybrid. There’s no putting this genie 🧞‍♂️ back in the bottle. Employees are demanding more time for hobbies, friends, family. However, many companies are struggling to be as effective when team members are remote working. Bottom line… companies must balance strategic goals and team lifestyle goals, or they’ll find it harder to grow, and harder to retain talent.

Talent shortage

⚠️ 40% of leaders are reporting that talent scarcity has negatively impacted their organisation. Wages are inflating fast 💰📈 and people can easily change jobs. Bottom line…it’s hard to attract and retain the best talent.

Burn out and health crisis

Office for National Statistics (UK), has revealed that depression rates have doubled since the COVID-19 😷 pandemic began.  They’ve also warned of a growing mental health crisis.  Bottom line…. Many team members are at risk of burnout and other health challenges.

Constant change is the new normal

Surprises are round every corner 👻   Better teamwork, resilience, and innovation are needed in every part of the business.  Bottom line… companies with the strongest teams and best culture rise to the top, whilst other companies miss opportunities 🥅 and struggle 🥴  to respond.

What's the solution?

Elevate team & personal performance

Team members get it. They understand a business needs to achieve goals and turn a profit. But they also want a better lifestyle. Smart companies know that increasing team and personal effectiveness is the answer… when people perform at a higher level, everything is possible.

Switch on the talent magnets

If you want to attract 🧲  and retain the best talent, your business can’t provide an ordinary 😩 workplace experience. Sure, ‘good’ wages and bonuses help. But people want more than money… So smart companies provide more. They provide an enriching experience that increases personal contentment 😍 … this naturally increases retention and attraction of talent.

Help people cope & flourish

Leaders who create a healthy and supportive 🤗 environment, help their team members flourish. Smart companies also provide opportunities for people to grow and unlock their full potential… which is a win for everyone.

Elevate the culture

Companies who want to flourish in times of adversity, need to elevate their culture. They need a culture of:

  • Ownership  🙋🏻 🙋🏽‍♂️ 🙋🏼‍♀️ 🙋🏿 
  • Togetherness
  • Innovation and growth 💡🌱
  • Resilience
  • Fun 🤸🏽‍♀️ 
  • And more…

How we help you 'action' that solution

Talks that inspire growth

Many people are drifting 😴 💤  through life without realising their full potential. Andrew will give a talk that lights a fire 🔥  inside of your team members… so they become a powerful force in both the business and their own lives 🚀

Workshops for your team

We run workshops that will elevate your teams…

  • Motivation & attitude
  • Courage 🦁 and confidence
  • Communication & togetherness 🙏
  • Habits (we are what we do!)
  • Resilience and adaptability 💪
  • And much much more… 

Want to go further and faster?  Our unique workshop programme, The GRO.W.L™ System will take you there 🛩 

Culture & Team Consulting

Ready to make sustainable 🌱  improvements to your team and culture? We’ve got you covered. Our consulting will help you install the solid foundations 🏛 that are essential for next-level culture and team performance.

Ready to elevate your team and culture?

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