Andrew Bull is The Creator of GRO.W.L™

GRO.W.L is a training System, which improves happiness, motivation, and productivity in teams of all shapes and sizes.

Andrew is proud father to a young boy who keep him on his toes! When he’s not working or spending time with family, Andrew enjoys running (he’s done a few triathlons) and being creative with filmmaking & photography.

He spent over 18 years in the film and advertising industry working with 100+ teams of all shapes and sizes. He’s also been fortunate enough to work on and lead many prestigious projects – including some big award winners.

Andrew combined his leadership experiences, the best ideas about psychology, motivation, and productivity, to create a unique training system.



Goals & Expectations

Coaching & Attention

Courage & Confidence

Happiness & Welfare


Ownership & Independent Thinking



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