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Mindfulness: Sam Dossa on protecting & nurturing your mind.


Special Guest
Sam Dossa, Business and Emotional Intelligence Coach

Episode Introduction

Andrew is joined by Sam Dossa, Business and Emotional intelligence coach.

Sam shares ideas and practical tips on Mindfulness — especially helpful for business leaders who find themselves stressed, tired, and distracted. If you want to better protect and care for your mind (and therefore your business), this episode is for you.

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Voiceover by Josh 0:08
Welcome to the interstellar business show, where experts and dynamic business leaders come together to grow, work and live smarter. Here’s your Interstellar host, Andrew Bull.

Andrew Bull 0:20
Hi, welcome to another episode of the interstellar business show. This week we’re going to be talking about the mind and mindfulness. We’ve got an expert who’s a business and life coach, Sam Dossa. And I’m going to be talking to him about how we can better manage our minds and find ways to take care of ourselves, especially during these stressful times and even beyond these stressful times. And I think the mind is an asset, like a business asset and a life asset that we too often neglect and we don’t really value it properly and so we must treat it and so it becomes a rundown and doesn’t work. because well, which actually means we get worse results, at work and after work. And so there is there’s real value in learning how to better look after our minds. And actually, you’ll find if you do, for example, just giving yourself more breaks during the day, you’ll actually be more productive anyway, it’s a real force economy, to just chained yourself to the desk and never step away and always just be thinking about business the whole time. So without further ado, let’s get into this week’s show with our expert guests, Sam Dossa.

Voiceover by Josh 1:33
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Andrew Bull 1:38
on. So I’m really happy to have on the day. Sam Dossa, who’s a life and business coach, welcome to the show.

Sam Dossa 1:46
Thank you very much, Andrew, for allowing me to be on your show.

Andrew Bull 1:50
Okay, brilliant. So we just before we came on air, we’re talking about taking your dog for a walk and actually, I’m just thinking that’s a great way of getting yourself away from your business for a while, and and switching off?

Sam Dossa 2:05
Yes, yes, it’s starting everything has to start from a habit. And let me go back to this our childhood, the habit creation. And now if you remember when you used to be, we used to be young and we used to go wake up in the morning first thing our mom or dad used to tell us Go brush your teeth. Go brush your teeth. So that was a habit instilled in our head when since the childhood now we wake up in the morning first thing what we do, go to the loo, brush our teeth, so that that habit has been instilled in our our, our body, our mind, our senses, and everything is again when you are an intrapreneur or whether whether you are an unusual who is in this situation at this present moment. We were never anticipated that this is going to happen now we are in this situation to how we overcome all those sorts of things. Now, I would say to a lot of people, look at The positivity of things of you have ample time to create some brilliant, brilliant habits.

Andrew Bull 3:08
So just just to interject just for a moment. So what we’re talking about because you know, in a year’s time people might listen to this podcast episode and it might not make much sense to them. So in the middle of this lockdown due to COVID-19 the Coronavirus and winter what Sam’s referring to is the fact that we’re used to having all these routines and habits and and how we should take a fresh look. Is that right?

Sam Dossa 3:31
Absolutely. Absolutely. If you have to look at a fresh look because now we are we are have a lot of opportunities. If one person look at it in the different periphery of their their vision. Because if I and if you right now we are discussing this right now on the sport class, we took time out and we are having a chat together and we are going to be talking about what is making you do what you do right now Andrew and You asked a similar question to me why you are on my podcast and what are you going to be sharing with my audience? And my vision and my thought process is that, you know, I’m blessed to be healthy and alive and I’m in my house, and I’m healthy in terms of my thought process, my mind and my body. My body is healthy. And my spirit is constantly reviving every morning to wake up in the morning, take my dog for a walk, enjoying the weather outside and, and the weather is started to open up very quickly now, as we are in, in sort of inside and outside. The weather is so beautiful.

Andrew Bull 4:39
So you’re trying you’re trying to say focus on these positive moments. Is that right that you can grab right now?

Sam Dossa 4:46
Absolutely. Every moment is coming in your life. Look at them or grab them with two hands. Because these moments are so precious. so precious. Yeah. Are we we bought we might be on a completely different vibration okay. I might be on a completely different vibration at this present moment and there are a lot of people will be looking listening to this answer well Sam can be on different vibration but I am not under preparation to come out from that vibration is to look at what is is present in your this moment at this time are you breathing? If you are breathing, you are healthy if you have if you can move your eyes, you can see things if your senses are in place. That’s the gratitude. Yeah, so is the perspective how you been seedings? Gotcha,

Andrew Bull 5:40
yeah, I get that that made that makes easier is having a sense of perspective on where things are now and you know how bad or good things are right now. And obviously it’s very easy I suppose. We’re in a very fear type situation right now. I suppose fear scale. blocked in isolated, there’s a lot of negative tones going on individually and through us as a community and society. So I guess it’s easy to get overwhelmed by that. And I suppose, are you suggesting that if we concentrate on some of these small small positives, like the sun coming up and it’s warm today that that gives us something to lock on to and to grasp on to if we’re looking at this huge cliff face right now of negativity, right? We need to we need to grab on to something and you’re saying grab onto the small positive balance.

Sam Dossa 6:39
Absolutely. Now, now look at this way okay. What is the source of more negativity is the media Yeah, or newspapers, we are reading the newspaper we are reading we are listening to the news. There are a lot of going on around us where there is a positivity how many people will attract to the positive net when there is 100 of negativity around UZ you need to you need to stop those things which is not actually helping you to look at the positive side of the on your things instead of we are indulge ourselves in those sort of type of things which is not very encouraging we are going into more fear because as soon as this all started everybody started to become havoc in terms of what’s going on let’s let’s let people I don’t know why people started buying a lot of toilet rolls, and they have stack of quarters rolls and then we started seeing a lot of stupid videos coming in a lot of us to be those sorts of things are coming and people are laughing about it and and these other things, you know, I think is the pandemic started to creating a fear in people that what’s going to happen and again, if you look at people who says they are working from home, people who says they have no jobs, but now retail industry is hiring about corpus hired about 5000 people. Since Verizon has hired about 15,000 people, Tesco has hired about 10,000 people. So jobs are there. But again, you and me are in a completely different vibration or completely different spectrum of things. And we look at things completely differently from other people who are thinking of five loss of job. Where are the other opportunities coming in? Yeah,

Andrew Bull 8:27
I it’s, I think it’s a complex situation, because I think it’s a double whammy for some people in that regard. Because suddenly, the preschools and the nurseries and the schools are closed. And they’ve also lost their chart that you know, their work. And so actually, it’s not actually possible for everyone to roll into some of this temporary work because it just doesn’t, it doesn’t work. So, but but I think we do need to try and be positive where we can Because I think surrounding ourselves in negativity, it just creates a negative cycle. And that’s just gonna make life harder for you. So if you’re at home right now, and you look after your kids rather than work, if you’re just thinking negatively about that situation, your kids are gonna feed off that. And it just gonna, it’s just going to drag things down. So you have to somehow try and find some positivity, even if it is just the sun’s going out. And you’ve been able to go out for a walk today. And I just just one thing I’d like to talk about just briefly before I go back, because this is a conversation rather than me just talking is I think way way people can think about it is in through goals, right? You think about goals, and think is my goal to be depressed and stuck and not be able to change my circumstance? Or is my goal in some way, able to make my life better right now, even if for example, I woke up this morning. And you know, I’ve been quite overwhelmed by a lot of stuff. But I woke up on actually read 30 pages in a book that I’ve been wanting to read. And maybe that’s maybe that’s the most, you know, obviously this during this interview is great, but maybe that’s my only other big positive thing that I get done in terms of post over work development done today. But that something,

Sam Dossa 10:21
every small step, every small step takes you to the next level. If you’re not going to take a stab, let’s give you an example. We are we are in this way as we said, you need to surround yourself with positive people now right now we also have social distancing right now. So you can surround people for but we have lot of avenues we have so many things on coming in, which is positive, as you said, you read a book, and then somebody can watch a documentary. Well, we are We are so lucky. We are living in this this century, where we have information on our tips. You know, on our tapes, yeah. If you go back and say, okay, we will be living in 1950s. How would have been we would have been survived in that sort of a scenario. Yeah. been completely inside the four walls. And it would have been more crazier than anything else. Yeah,

Andrew Bull 11:20
I think you would be dependent probably on the radio and the posters going up everywhere to tell people what to do. Yeah. But yeah, it would be very, very different situation. So I suppose it’s about harnessing the technology for good and trying to avoid some of the negative consequences like the 24 hour news cycle and like feeling like you need to check in all the time to find out what’s going on. When you don’t, because not enough, nothing changes that quickly. So you really don’t need to look at the news all the time. You can probably look at news every couple of days and you would still have the same basic overall information that you would if you checked every hour, so yeah, So you’re you’re, we were discussing also before you came home how mindfulness is one of your key areas of expertise. Can you just explain because I think, you know, I kind of understand what mindfulness is like taking care of your mind. Is that right? Can but can you? Can you explain

Sam Dossa 12:19
what mindfulness actually is? A practice? Yeah, the practice where you sit. And this is going to be a ritual your every day, you can’t just say I’m going to do a mindfulness one day and I’m not going to do another day. It has to become a practice every day. You need to decide upon how much time you want to give to that practice. Now mindfulness is all about being mindful of things in terms of not that I have to do this chore. I have to do that chore or I’m sitting very calmly, and then you start to think, Oh, yeah, I haven’t paid the bill. I need to pay the bill or hire haven’t done the that show. So what happened is during that period, when we are sitting in sort of accounting our mind, our mind started to talk a lot. That’s what we call a lot of people call that monkey mind. And people use that term as a monkey mind is chattering away a lot of things. Yeah, slowly. And gradually, as I said, Nothing is going to happen very quickly. Everything is a practice. And with mindfulness, what one person has to do is they have to decide one place where they’re going to sit every day. Yeah. And they have to just do breathe. A natural breathing is not about breathing, breathing out, breathing, breathing out, you can do those sort of things as well. But what happened is with mindfulness, you just have to concentrate on one thing and one thing is just to calm your mind down, calm it completely silent. Because what we what we teach is started to rejuvenate each and every senses of your body. So that’s it for one thing, which we talked about here. hearing how you can enhance your hearing is all about when you sit in the calming place and trying to assess focus on your hearing and listen to the sound outside and see, you will started to practice and you start to hear the minute sound and use as I never heard the sound before. I’m hearing unless I’m hearing it now, because my mind is just concentrating on the only one sense at the moment. So we developed slowly and gradually, in time to be the time you started to know your five senses very, very well. That your self awareness has become your consciousness and your consciousness become you that you are aware of everything what is happening around you. A simple example over here is when we are not mindful about our own self awareness what happened is we get really agitated we get anxious, we get angry, we get a lot of things happening ourselves. And let’s say for example, We are driving on the road and somebody cuts her off. We our first impression is we will show two fingers and we started swearing and all sorts of things. Because we are completely unsettled within our mind. Our mind is so bogged down with a lot of things that we can’t think straight. And we are human beings. Yeah. Because we are also wanting to reach to our destiny as quickly as possible, but other person who have actually cut us off, we never know what was the situation with that person might be an emergency or something like that. But we what we did, actually, we started to have this moment of anger moment of uncertainty because we are also going through with our answer. So mindfulness brings that all things into perspective. And you started to create a self awareness discipline in you.

Andrew Bull 15:52
So into like one of the things that I did previously doing, which I’m not doing right now, but I hope to start again As soon as going for walks in the forest at lunchtime, so I was getting up early working for like four or five hours and then deliberately going somewhere and trying to empty my mind as much as possible and walking for an hour. Do you think that that’s a good kind of practice to do?

Sam Dossa 16:21
Absolutely. You are inside the in the nature you are surrounded with with a completely different environment. Now, every sound have a vibration. So now while you’re in the park while you’re in the forest, what you are hearing you’re hearing birds chirping away. You’re hearing the sound of the wind. That’s what I said when we sit down sometime you can hear the winds are making a whistles. Yeah. And that requires a concentration because when you start going every day, you started to hear those sort of things. And that has been practiced back in Sweden and In Denmark, where the people have actually recorded all those sounds in the in the forest, and that’s what you are doing that is a better that’s a brilliant practice area like you go into forest, or you are near the sea or the stream, or you’re sitting in a garden where you can hear the sound of natural things. Yeah. And now the weather is shifting outdoors in the park, just because it’s because of this social distancing at the moment, try to do a time where you seen that nobody is going to be there. Now there is possibility A lot of people will be there, but because of this new scenario, we have to be mindful of those things as well. How to protect ourselves.

Andrew Bull 17:50
Yeah, sure. That’s, yeah, and I’m just thinking and also just in your right way, people do have to think about what time they go and you could get up earlier in the morning. Get your kids up earlier and go for a walk earlier or, or, or have you’re going to do that. So you missed the crowd. Just thinking about, again, a lot of people listening to this podcast and they’ll be like, this is great. Okay, I get the point of going for a walk in nature, but it sounds a bit airy fairy. You know, I’m this business person who believes in business results and like how does go for a walk for an hour actually helped me in the office, how’s it helped my business get better, and I just wanted if you’ve got a response to that,

Sam Dossa 18:36
so we are our mind is running and if we are a business intrapreneur if we are in that sort of a mind, what happened is we are always constantly thinking how we are going to make more sales or how my customer will be helped. But you’re always looking for new dimensions and new directions. And if you’re not going to still your mind You want to get good good avenues to serve your customer. If your mind is colluded, what’s going to happen is you have no proper sleep, for example, your food intake is not very good. You are not doing enough exercises, what your blood circulation is the same blood is rolling in your body, your mind is continuously taking the same blood. You’re not actually looking at outside, you’re always looking at what is already there. So what’s going to happen is you’re not you’re starting to get frustrated. Yeah, making a decision and new leadership and all people are started looking into emotional intelligence. Why emotional intelligence is important because if you are self aware of your own emotions, then you are to understand somebody else’s emotion very clearly. Now the dynamics of a team leader and a member of the team works in a harmonious way if they understand each other emotions in a different perspective. So you are my director. For example. Andrew and you can you came to me and said Sam we have to deliver this project at this specific time period. Okay. Now we will not anticipate that this situation will happen but now we are in this situation how are we going to deliver that? But from your perspective you think of I need this to be delivered but then you started to start to think of a moment and it says okay, now we are in this situation, how do we make sure or how better I will create an avenue for Sam to deliver that project successfully. And we will be praised by the customer that during this sort of a lockdown situation we still managed to deliver that project because Andrew understand is not going to be a possibility but if I will open some channels for Sam to deliver that. He will be able to do that but it will come to the again it will come back to Same to you. How you look after yourself. If you are not going to be looking after yourself. You’re not going to Looking at outside the box, you’re always thinking of, Oh, well, I’ve done this my in previous role, it might work.

Andrew Bull 21:07
So you’ve got to get in, in a way what we’re talking about here is your mind and you are a business asset to your business, right? And probably your mind is something that you’ve been undervaluing it doesn’t go on your doesn’t go on the business sheet with the accountant at the end of the year, but actually is the one one of the most precious if not the most precious tool in your business because you’re drawing it forward. So if you don’t take care of your mind, you’re not going to be functioning you know, in your optimum capacity both at work and at home, as well.

Sam Dossa 21:41
So again, entry is look we’re looking at, you know, custom we call it customers always right, or customer is king, but in certain scenario we look at customer is not always right. Sometimes you need to lose those customer to get more customers because that’s how but you’re looking at how you’re going to win. leverage. This word is a very dynamic word leveraging how you leverage on the area of your expertise is not about you’re trying to say, okay, tomorrow, I used to charge you 300 pounds, now I’m going to charge you 400 pounds. It doesn’t work like that. Because what you want to do is what value you are putting in for your customers what value you are putting in for your staff. The value added, what are the values you carry yourself? Are you a person who thinks that everything actually relates to money? Then what you are saying is that you only think of one thing and one thing is money. You’re not thinking about how other people things, how your customer feels. Yeah, and that sort of things. You need to be aware of those things.

Andrew Bull 22:51
So you’re saying you’re being more mindful about the entire situation. All this mindful fallenness practice helps you Be more aware leader, an entrepreneur as well.

Sam Dossa 23:04
Absolutely, absolutely. Because you open your awareness, and you put yourself in that situation. Yeah. If I come to you and say, Andrew, listen, I have a scenario I have a situation, I wouldn’t be able to deliver this task and then you will open up and says, okay, Sam, come on Ted, talk to me. What’s What’s happening? How can I help you achieve that? Yeah. Instead of you’re saying to your customer or your, your, your team members? No, no, you’re not it’s going to affect your remuneration. At the end of the end of the year, instead of giving them the sort of a threat. You just say, okay, talk to me. What,

Andrew Bull 23:43
what how? Yeah. Okay. So this about about being serious about being in a better, healthier position to help your business because you’re keeping yourself mentally fit as well. And also one of the things I discovered from doing my walk every day at lunchtime, was a rather than just like dying, trying to slog through an entire day and take a minimal lunch break. actually taking a proper break to refresh your mind actually enables you to get more done. It’s like it’s a false economy not to take to take a proper break and help your mind. recover. And and here’s another thing. When you do that you also allow your subconscious mind to work some complex things out that your conscious mind can’t. So, you know,

Sam Dossa 24:33
and during the mindfulness exercise or during the mindfulness rituals, because once we started to settle our mind down, yeah, a lot of people sit down in terms of, as we said, goals and the goals are very important. Mindfulness will bring those things in a perspective of one individual or a lot of several individual yeah It’s the ritual of five to 10 minutes to 15 minutes. And we have 24 hours in a day 860,000 seconds in a day. So you said you don’t do tell me that you don’t have 15 minutes to just calm yourself down or just sit down and just sell gangland to sit down and I just want to contemplate on myself instead of anybody else. But we don’t take time out for that until we burn out completely burn on come pletely shattered ourselves and then we go into a chronic recovery. Yeah, then you say, Oh, I remember those days. You know, I used to burn out and I used to do that. But but then still, we are not learning from those

Unknown Speaker 25:46
things. Yeah. No, I get I get it. Yeah, I think I suppose I mean, I guess from an exercise point of view. We just now think about the mind is a muscle. Brian, you don’t run well. Most people won’t run marathon. After marathon without a warm up or worn down, and time to rejuvenate and just sit in the you know, jacuzzi for a while or whatever it is to actually refresh and get your energy back.

Andrew Bull 26:14
And you know and I think that’s the same kind of thing we need to do with our mind you know you’re using it all day long trying to solve complex problems trying to manage tricky situations or innovate and come up with new ways of doing things at some point you just need to switch off and give your mind go well my mind deserves some timeout now. Really?

Sam Dossa 26:32
Yeah. Yeah. Because there are a lot of a lot of research has been done there are a lot of papers has been returned there are a lot of because men for mindfulness has become is not what I call it. It’s become a supposed to be a become a ritual of every day. And we have introduced my partner and myself is introduced into schools, for example. My partner used to teach in the school and she started doing this mindfulness exercise for the students. And what she has seen is, as you know, children are very hyperactive. Yeah. When we wake up in the morning and my partner was doing this mindfulness exercises in the school, okay. And this has been actually been offset as actually recommended that for in 2019, saying that this practice needs to be initiated in all the schools because of the funds. Nobody wants to do that. Correct. So, let’s say for example, in the morning, children wakes up, they’ve been fed any sort of a cereal, they are hyperactive, when we are trying to drag our children Come on, go to school, go to school. What’s the situation at that time, children are completely out of focus completely in their own bubble. So when they come into the school, when they come into the class, what teacher has to do is teacher has to just put a soothing music and just say to the people, all the people this is just calm your dub Sam the cell down, calm yourself down just for five minutes.

And man my partner was doing it for almost three months.

Children are craving for it. Or teacher Can we sit down for five minutes? Can we sit down? this ritual has to be done in the morning when the children comes into school. This needs to be done again after the lunch break because lunch break is also hyperactive. So when they come back to in the class, settle them down for five minutes to 10 minutes. Once they are completely settled, then you start your lesson. And that’s the ritual has to be practice every day. And they have seen they have seen schools have said have seen and teacher has seen themselves that there is a really big dynamic happens after that when children more connected they are focused on things

Andrew Bull 29:03
that’s a really useful and relevant insight because I think a lot of people we have kids at home right now who trying to you know, manage with a child you know the challenge having the kids jumping around the bouncing off the walls. That would be a great tip for them to use really to kind of help calm down the kids down especially when they’re homeschooling as well. So you just put on some soothing music so so I just bought some soothing music and just get them to sit down and listen to it for five minutes.

Sam Dossa 29:34
10 minutes easy just because what happened is, it’s all about all together. Now is togetherness in a lot of things. This means you sit together, show them this is a unit we are sitting together we are going to come in down ourselves. And and again, you know every individual are different. If I say the habits or what I call it, my schedule for a whole day is a different in another family’s coming. pletely different. My kids are teenagers, they go to sleep at two o’clock, three o’clock in the morning, they wake up at about two o’clock in the afternoon. So there is a completely different dynamics. I remember my time when I, my children were very young, and there was a completely different dynamics. So children used to wake up at six o’clock in the morning, and go to bed at six o’clock in the evening. So, every family, every children are different. And we have to listen, the biggest thing during this when we start practicing a lot of this mindfulness, you will start to have an awareness of listening. As I said, we have five senses. Each senses started to develop itself. And then we started to learn more and more about

Andrew Bull 30:43
so when you’re doing this for the children, you sit down, you’d sit down with them, put away all toys, and then you just listen and just ask them to listen to it for five minutes. And yeah, cool and, and just any other mindfulness things that people can be doing right now any bright ideas for how they can do stuff indoors. While they can’t go outside?

Sam Dossa 31:07
No, they can do it because everything is on on their finger, tip of their fingers at the moment as I said. So putting a YouTube Music which is a binary music of our binary beats or something like that, which is a soothing music or a music bear is what you call it a stream is running and you can see a green pasture behind it and sort of so those are the music which they can just sit down and relax. During mindfulness. What happened is people will say you need to sit straight and you have to sit straight because you need to make sure that you’re the your body’s not sloppy, because if you slowed yourself, which means you are not your blood circulation is not going up and down properly. Yeah, you have to sit for 510 minutes you can sit straight on a chair or on the floor, cross your legs. If you’re sitting On the chair, straight your legs, so the circulation is clear. And for 10 minutes just close your eyes if you don’t want to close your eyes just view what you see on the on the screen. Something to shift your mind to somewhere else is all about creating a visual visualization of something better in your life. You know, our body has this capacity to heal itself. But it’s again, if you believe that we are being given this different cells in our body, different hormones in our body. We can repair our body itself. And

Andrew Bull 32:40
here’s a here’s another question for you. What about music then while we’re working? Do you think music while people were working is a negative or positive

Sam Dossa 32:49
is a positive thing? Okay. I remember my daughter’s she finished her. She’s now studying in the university as a medical student. And my twins are just going to be going for the GCSE finals, but now everything is closed down because of that. But every time I used to have a discussion and says How could you focus on your lessons when you are listening to the music, but then you don’t know this is how I will be work you know we have to have something in our ears while we are focusing and my daughter touchwood she had straight A’s in her a levels. She got an admission in the in the medical school. So it’s you can’t have a hyper music. You have to have a soothing music. But it’s again, it’s the different is the choice of individual what sort of music comes down because as he says, you know,

music is the light to your soul.

Yeah, and it feeds your soul with music. And then again this is the vibration

is the vibration when we say okay what sort of a vibrate in one example I will share with you here about music. So music music industry is a very big industry. So they have designed this fantastic song and they do this testing in the studio that with this song with this music, that music This song is going to be number one. So they did all this trial inside they did all this testing and it came out as number one in the on the on the show and everything you can imagine that was done in the studio and everything when they started putting on the radio station. People in split second they were changing the station. They don’t want to listen to that music. And they did their whole sort of research and everything and that says when your mind has been channeled with different frequency. And if something new comes in, it’s very difficult to act just so people do not like that when you hear a sort of squeaky noise or if you remember them more than noise when he used to happen in 1996 or 19 9019. Or around that time when we used to have a modem used to dial in to the ISP, and that squeaky noise and sort of thing how that was cranky in our ears. So again,

they actually

taught that that number one in the chart, it did not come in number one in the chart because nobody liked that music because the music they actually thought it was the right thing. It was completely opposite. Nobody actually loved the music this is that that is the rubbish song. Or this is a rubbish music I ever heard before. So music is light to your soul. So you need to listen which suits you better and which engages you?

Andrew Bull 36:03
And that’s different for different people I like Personally, I like listen to movie soundtracks like big, big scores for movies. That’s a good one for me to concentrate and not get too distracted. by Sam, where if people want to learn more about what you do, where can they where can they find out more?

Sam Dossa 36:24
They can connect with me on all the social media. My social media name is coach Sam UK. Best Place to connect with me is on LinkedIn, so they can connect with me on LinkedIn. My website Sam is under construction at the moment as we got a lot of time so I rejuvenating it again, with some nice musics and nice videos and everything on there. So that’s how they can connect with me. I’m happy to talk about this in more detail.

Andrew Bull 36:57
Brilliant and and they’ll there’ll be show notes on On the interstellar dot media website as well with this, where the podcast player can be found. So thanks very much for coming on the show today, Sam really appreciate your insights His

Sam Dossa 37:10
pleasure. Thank you, Andrew for inviting me to be on your show. And I wish everybody a fantastic

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Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode. I hope you got something out of it. I really did Sam’s a really interesting guy with very interesting ideas about how you can better take care of your mind. If you haven’t already done so then do hit the subscribe button or sign up with your email address. If you’re on the website, or if you’re on YouTube, leave a comment let us know what other guests you’d like us to feature on the show. Maybe you want to come on the show. So yeah, comment below. Let us know and we’ll we’ll come back for sure. Anyway, stay tuned for more upcoming episodes and also watch this message.

Voiceover by Josh 38:10
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