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Buckets lists for leaders: Travis Bell discusses bucket lists


Special Guest
Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy….The World’s No.1 Bucket List Expert

Episode Introduction

Andrew is joined by Travis Bell, “The Bucket List Guy”. Trav shares what got him started with bucket lists and how he’s helping people unblock themselves and start tick things off bucket lists.

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Andrew Bull 0:00
Hello, welcome to another episode of the interstellar business show. My name is Andrew Bull. This week, I’m joined by Trav Bell, the Bucket List Guy. So guess what we’re going to be talking all about bucket lists. And we’re not going to be just talking about bungee jumping, we’re going to be talking about something much bigger than that. And we’re not going to be just talking about lists of the future. We’re going to be talking about tangible lists of now, as well. And we’re going to be reflecting of the lists and things that you’ve checked it checked off in your past too. So this is going to be an awesome episode. And if you’re interested in writing or creating a bucket list, and working through things on your list, and this is going to be a great episode for you to tune in and watch till the very end. But before I get into my conversation with Travis, I’ve just got a short message I want to share with you, which is about my Interstellar report, which I’ve designed for business leaders and business experts just like you, here’s the message.

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Andrew Bull 1:18
So just checking out your website got some good stuff going on there. It seems like you’ve been doing this a while.

Travis Bell 1:24
I have I have it. Yeah, I’ve been The Bucket List Guy for about 10 years now. So yeah, it is. Yeah, lots going on. How bout yourself?

Andrew Bull 1:36
I got you know, I got my stories I got made redundant about in about 2015. And since then, it’s To be honest, it’s been a bit of a journey to work out what the hell to do and how to do it. And like, I think, working out the puzzle of consulting coaching and being a service provider, which is like, is quite complicated to unbox all that stuff. I kind of got to the point now, where I do actually understand it all and how it works, you know, made many, many mistakes along the way, like not people, but you’re getting there now, which is the main thing, just, you know, at the moment a bit of a kick in the teeth, I suppose in some respects just because, you know, you work so hard to get going and then, you know, sound like this. That’s just, yeah, that’s just life, isn’t it? You know, they just gotta suck it up and go we go again. That’s it. Yeah.

Travis Bell 2:27
Yeah. It’s, it’s the, you know, so if you’re going to, if you’re going to do coaching, speaking, consulting, and that sort of thing. Yeah, it’s what they call a thought leadership practice. And, you know, there’s, there’s kind of six ways you know, the hardest thing about doing this kind of thing is staying in your lane and not doing everything else. Pick a hallway, then pick the line and stay in that line and put the blinkers on and be a thought leader in or an expert in In that thing and that thing on Yeah, as good as you possibly can there’s and it’s one of those others six streams of income that you should be able to make out of a thought leadership practice that during speaking, speaking, altering, coaching, mentoring facilitation and try and they should be six you know kind of we don’t have to do all six at once sure you know what I mean like yeah, it’s that you’re gonna have your favourites over over others. Yeah, and for me that’s been obviously bucket list guy bucket list has been my thought leadership practice and I love speaking so that’s that’s where I find flow me sitting down writing books is not really my thing.

Andrew Bull 3:44
Yeah, so you found your sweet spot I guess.

Travis Bell 3:47
Yeah, it took a while I took a while and and someone actually called me the bucket list guy you know 10 years ago so so that really helped solidify the blinkers and the filter that I did, I did all my, you know, that I got my expertness out to the world through. And I think that’s important to find that find that thing that you’re known for. Yeah, because all trades master of none might get you when you were.

Andrew Bull 4:20
Yeah, yeah, I think it’s too too much of a temptation to do that. And I think we’ve so much knowledge it’s almost like there’s this huge knowledge tree out there and you could overindulge on it in some ways.

Travis Bell 4:33
You know living in We live in an info obesity success society. We are, there’s too much information.

Andrew Bull 4:40
Yeah, totally. So. So it’s great that you came up with a bucket in the sky because I think that’s a really effective way of of connecting and building a reputation. Because I suppose for you, it’s like, this word works in a great word of mouth wide view that people probably say, Hey, have you heard Have you met the bucket list guy? Yeah. We spoken to that guy and I guess that’s where it evolved from right?

Travis Bell 5:03
Yeah, I don’t want to suffer in this in and it’s, it’s about helping people find their own, you know, their own online superhero. You know, what’s what’s the beta version of the back of this guy? What’s their version of whatever that expert and it’s that, you know the bucket list guy I I get called more the bucket list guy than my actual fucking name so some people I go to a networking event and they’re like, hey, this guy are you still with me or and which one is my fuck you 40 haircut? Yeah, and it was more readily identifiable. I tell you that was more readily identifiable than my own name. So Connor, you know, run with it. And that was my point of call for websites and that sort of thing as well. So is Yeah, the the bucket list scar was more good. There’s more colour. You know, caught our attention and got more attention than just Trav Bell.

Andrew Bull 6:04
Sure. Yeah. And it’s, uh, you know, it’s more memorable and I guess it’s gonna you know, if people Google you, you’ll probably probably end up number one in the rankings as well, which is very helpful.

Travis Bell 6:13
Yes, well, then you gotta correct Yeah, then you got to create all the IP office, which is the journey.

Andrew Bull 6:20
So what is the bucket this guy mean anyway? who is who is the bucket? You know? Yeah, we’re recording right now.

Travis Bell 6:28

Andrew Bull 6:31
That’s fine. That’s always gonna say to you, let’s start. Normally I start but just because we were talking, I like rolling to anyway. just naturally flow into it. Yeah.

Travis Bell 6:42
Fair enough. Okay. It’s gonna be different. So what was the question?

Andrew Bull 6:51
Sorry, I’m not trying to pull a fast one on you at all. It’s just like, so like, what does the bucket list guy you know, what does he do any anyway?

Travis Bell 7:02
Yeah look on initially it was my excuse to run around the world doing my bucket list and have that be a tax deduction so now is originally about like by I went from having been China personal fitness training studios around Australia had my own little breakdown before breakthrough moment. And then I’ve been in a seminar from all the life coaching NLP and all the positive psychology that are learnt to help me get through my own breakdown before breakthrough current moment and then a friend of mine said, Hey, why don’t you teach this shit? This personal development stuff and you know, I’ve walked on fire or broken boards and I’ve cried on the stock shoulders of strangers and broken arrows and bent bars and all that today. So why don’t you teach you stuff and it helped me It helped me you know, really compartmentalise? What I was kind of going through that always when I was in that all of these, you know, trainings and spending hundreds of thousands On, on helping me and I’ll put on a seminar and then at the end of the seminar, packaging everything that I learned at the end of the seminar friend, a friend who was at seminar said how old is this listen to before you die statutes and backup the shell at the back of the sky and I went home to register the domain name in the back of this guy. And always kind of try and try and find my feet in this in this world as well, like in his thought leadership kind of world of Where is my you know, I know I’m encountering Tony Robbins. Now I’m not one of these kind of gurus I won’t try and be but what’s what’s the what’s my thing? And a lot of you know, a lot of people ask themselves this and I guess a lot of people are going to be asking themselves, you know, during this COVID, the COVID Cyclone that we find ourselves in, right so, you know, initially it was initially my sweet spot was I’ve got no I used to have a fear around public speaking but I really don’t and I and that was to me public speaking was the big Domino that I thought oh if I push that over being one of the biggest fears for me and for others, that I could achieve a lot of other things in my life so I just said about becoming a professional speaker and that was the big Domino that that affected a lot of areas in my life. So if I could run around the thought was if I can run around the world keynoting you know, be conferences, inspiring people developing some intellectual property around bucket list. And that helps me to run around the world doing my personal list as well then then double bonus. So it really it’s, it’s the theme of bucket list. The brand of bucket list is really a skin over the top of positive psychology. Positive Psychology is really the Science of Happiness. How do we help most people Find more meaning in their lives more purpose and also more fulfilment. If I’m doing that for people that’s my highest, that’s my highest value. And I don’t feel like I’m being congruent to who I am if I’m actually not helping people achieve those things in life. So it’s the

Andrew Bull 10:17
Social fit the social feeling helps you get contentment.

Travis Bell 10:23
I’ve been like always in my previous business owners, you know, a chain of personal training studio, so I’m always helped people educated by trade. And I always love helping people experience more there aren’t potential first, first 20 years was PT. And now the next 20 years maybe PD persona development. That was about just health and fitness. Now it’s about life, and I get a lot more satisfaction out of helping people, you know, do amazing things in the last because life is way too short to really be cliche, but you know, look at the rate of depression the writers we’ve got this thing called the learning loneliness epidemic. Now, look at the amount of people just sleepwalking through their lives. Look at the amount of people that are just disengaged in their life as well. Like 70 80% of people who go to work every day don’t work what they do. It’s called this they’re actually called disengaged, like, What the fuck is going wrong there like it. So, it’s a why it’s a filter to help people, you know, really help them live a life, more of their own design and, you know, help me be happy and now rather than in this delayed gratification society, I’ll be happy when syndrome later on. Yeah, so, you know, waiting for the perfect time or Sunday to come around. And Sunday ain’t no day of the week, you know, so I want to help people be happy and now rather than, you know, waiting,

Andrew Bull 11:55
Yeah. And that’s how I really buy into as well because I think too many people are like Either living in the past impact in terms of what could have been or should have been or blaming other people or bad situations, or they’re focusing too much on the future and not really digging in to the moment enjoying whatever it’s like because if you look at the situation now I’m locked down in my house but actually I’m trying to make more of a time with my son in the garden and have more have more of those amazing times with him and try and focus on the positives of right now. Rather than go Oh, I can’t wait six months till we can get out aside again. Probably probably have less time together

Travis Bell 12:34
Yeah, I really hope that we do create a new normal for ourselves and society and and and we do appreciate and our our gratitude of spending more time with our families and getting creative. You know, people are people right now are adapting, innovating radically collaborating like we are now more than ever before. It’s fantastic. This was after the Initial fear and the initial acceptance of the situation now one life for the moment, I hope some of these new habits stick, I hope we don’t go back to just being busy being busy being busy. Because, you know, for me, my my whole existence is about helping people take time out of their earlier lives to work on their lives, you know, creating a, whether it be a seminar, whether it be an event, or whether it be a coaching programme, or whatever it might be, is to take them, you know, help them you know, separate their to do lists from their bucket list. Yeah, that was really on their to do list. Yeah, that’s what they prioritise and about a day basis. We’re gonna shoot for that.

Andrew Bull 13:45
Yeah, and I totally get that that the busy. You know, we just, I think that’s part of, that’s a deep psychological problem. People have the feeling need to be feeling the need to be busy with busy stuff in order to value themselves. I think that’s probably

Travis Bell 14:00
Totally 100% yeah it’s like this weird fucked up badge of honour that we we use on a day to day basis now as I know how I am I’m busy yeah busy is a one-armed drummer. Are you bragging or complaining? What do you what do you know? Now I i’ve I trying to say I try and say nothing because I’m sick of myself saying I’m busy everyone’s busy busy or bad busy yeah

Travis Bell 14:34
Yeah like it and and it all I’m sick of me saying I’m sick of other people saying it I’m really weird yeah you’ll come across someone Enzo how I might all I’ve got all the time in the world to be present to to what we’re doing here right now I’m having this chat with you. You’ll never hear that. True it’s true.

Andrew Bull 14:56
Yeah, like yeah, it’s always like they’re rushing to the next thing. I guess. It comes back to living in the living in the future. So that’s interesting tension points me that I’ve just been thinking about is so the bucket list is in a way about the future, in a way if you write a bucket list, or something you’re gonna do in the future, but then I’m just exploring how the tension that works within living in the moment.

Travis Bell 15:20
Yeah. Yeah, and it’s a, you know, bucket list is a series of things that light you up that personally light you up that bring you that meaning purpose and fulfilment your life. It’s a tangible in step. But it’s really not just about a bucket list. It’s about really how person identifies that that goal that way they want to go or the thing that they want to do, and how a person reverse engineers their life in order to make that stuff come to fruition. It’s the growth of them on that journey towards that destination. But more importantly, it’s about the Unity exists on the other side of it, the person that you don’t know yet, right? The bigger version of you and that’s what a lot of people you know, One of the catch cries in my TED Talk. So people are dying at 40 and being buried at it. People have this midlife crisis and they really buy into it and they just give up. And, and I’d like to think that we’ve flipped the script and we have, you know, help people have a midlife awakening as cheesy as that sounds. And, and it’s all about helping people realise and experience it potential, you know, the, they they didn’t think they might have had. And again, whether it’s be pay group, family, society, education, that have all contributed to that is like, oh, you’re you’re a certain age, you know, that’ll that’ll do and you all want to help people, you know, on that journey, obviously, using the same back at least, but really, it’s about helping people, you know, realise their potential and it’s… yeah, It is like it’s really weird night like, like, people always saying thank you for giving me permission to dream again, who’s like, that’s something I hear, like every other day.

Andrew Bull 17:12
But they shouldn’t. They shouldn’t even need your permission though, like that that should come from them, which is it, which is interesting because it makes me think about the institution of our lifestyle. The fact that people that people are so used to a certain way of living and working and growing like you leave school, go to college university, you get your job, turn up nine to five, come home, get drunk, chill out a bit of the weekend, and it all goes round until you get old and die. Right? Which is a really depressing way to sum it up. But that’s kind of that’s how a lot of people like they commit because they see it as

Travis Bell 17:46
From an outsider’s point of view sorry I interrupted but if you if you have some weed, I lean in and like looking down on that and in and that was the script for the people on earth. The alien would be going, What? Really? That’s, that’s what, that’s what life is all about. It’s so bad, isn’t it? Yeah. My problem is that we’re all you know, that’s all part of it, I get it that society. The thing is that there’s too many examples of people in Milord, at least, that have broken this, you know, been not happy with the role that they’ve been playing in the movies in life and jumped out of character to do the things that they truly want to do. Now, my problem is, is that scenario that you get that you just gave it, you know, the rate of depression is going up, the rate of teenage depression is going up. The rate of over prescription of antidepressants is going up, too as a result. Now, that’s a problem. Yeah, something has to change. And that was already a problem pre Coronavirus. And so, you know, look, I’m doing my bit to hopefully change a conversation to give, not telling people how they should live need to must have to, or anything like that, because that’s really me presuming my model of the world is better than this. That that’s, that’s that’s a Yeah, an outlandish assumption to make. But it’s, it’s just about offering people a different perspective.

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Andrew Bull 19:35
I know you obviously have a lot of people work with you. So one of the things that crossed my mind is that obviously as you get older, a lot of people have a family and then you find fun, some find some kind of contentment and fulfilment from a family but then you have that empty bird nest syndrome. So do you find that actually, you have a lot of people who’ve got that empty bird nest syndrome, and it’s that moment where they’re like, actually, what am I doing, you know, Because, yeah, I’m what am I doing now of my life for the next 20 years or so?

Travis Bell 20:03
Yeah, look, it’s, it’s, you know, there’s no certain, you know, ideal scenario where this works, you know, who works with, you know, an ideal client that works with people who are unhappy, basically unhappy or need, you know, to put the who want to put the icing on the cake, so to speak, who wants something extra for themselves. And I use the term I use the word fulfilment a lot, you know, on a scale of honesty, not everyone, you know, not my stuff is not applicable to everyone. Granted, if I ask people, you know, on a scale length, you know, one to 10. 10 being really fulfilled, I’ve got everything that I want in life, you know, not not materially By the way, just what I want in life, and where I’m at in life and that sense of fulfilment. Or one is the opposite that where would where would you be? And? Okay, what are we going to do to close that gap to get it closer to 10? And that’s, um, I haven’t met too many people that have liked, you know, 10 out of 10 error area of your life, there’s something, there’s something maybe missing, I don’t know. But again, it comes down to the individual people. Yeah, people will seek my information or any sort of personal development, life coaching, whatever it is, they’ll go to a, you know, go to a book or a seminar or watch something on YouTube for a particular reason. There’s a gap that they want to close, you know, there’s something that they want answers to. And what neuro linguistic programming teaches is, is 50% of the problem is, is solved when a person actually puts up their hand and says, You know what? On it out, I need help. You know, there’s an admittance of a gap. There’s an admittance of some extra information needed here because I hadn’t done have all the answers or it is an admission of outsourcing. And then cool you can work with someone like that the last thing you want to do is someone like me on motivational speaker comes in and go, you should, you must you have to, like this off might, you know, look like, I’m good. You know, I don’t need your shit. So I’m good that those that you can be in a same room with an audience full of people, you can be the right place at the right time. And then at the end of the talk or the end of the session or whatever, you’ll get tears, you’ll get breakthrough moments, you get those messy bars from some others. And then, you know, people are all at the precipice of change at different times in life. You know, and, and some will just walk out the door and go Yeah, that was pretty funny. So it just depends on the person.

Andrew Bull 23:03
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, obviously different people at different points in their life, but you do have to be open to change to start with otherwise, like you said, you’re just trying to push people down a path that they’re not. They’re not interested in so yeah, waste everyone’s time. So there’s not so important in life but people people expect what’s the youngest person who’s coming to your programme? And what’s the oldest person though be interested or even if you’ve got a blog?

Travis Bell 23:30
Yeah, now we’ve all had 10 year olds, I did a one year programme A few years ago, I spoke to half a day, the company and we had 250 odd people in the audience. And I did a morning session a little bit brighter, and then I and then the after afternoon session, I said, Look, and this was a prior as a public event so people could bring other people in and I said, Look, guys over lunchtime if I know you all live locally, all local business owners. Who here has got teenagers Kids, and half the room put up and I said, What are they doing this afternoon? I said, bring them in. Because what I’m going to tell you this afternoon is not just for you, older adults who could be going through a midlife crisis, it’s for everyone. And the room doubled in size with the kid with these teenage kids. And they got some of the biggest breakthroughs ever. And, and it and it’s stuck. You know, this is a cool way of goal setting. And by that, that’s the other the other question that you had about before about, you know, bucket lists being in the future. There’s three sorts of lists that I teach. Anyway, there’s a future bucket list, which is obvious. There’s a reverse bucket list, which is your done list, which is all the stuff you’ve done in your life as if it weren’t a bucket list all the way along. And that’s a big gratitude exercise, something I haven’t talked about yet. That’s a big a reconciliation of all those all those things in our life. You know, lift you up and some people. When I, when I asked her I think of think of think of three, sorry, five things that you’ve done in your life as if they were in a bucket list all the way along. And the mind goes, all right, yeah. And they can be whatever, whatever, you know, whatever they are is important to you. Now, if I ask people to do that straight away, people really struggle to come up with five, advice three, that’s a little bit easier. So for identifying all these things that you’ve done in your life, as if it were in a bucket list all the way along the visit person conference gives that person that that sense of gratitude gives that person a sense of shit. I’ve been living kind of more like, more by default, what if I actually put some effort into designing? So rather than living by default, we live by design. So we’ve got the future bucket list, the reverse bucket list in the middle is the other list on the track. At least That’s, that’s all the stuff that I come out to, when I speak they come in to these opening video and I’ve got some stuff on YouTube and all that sort of thing. And you know, the climbing mountains and doing the surfing big lives and you got the mind man’s and all that sort of stuff for, you know, a lot of people say those are the things that I don’t want to do that I’m too old for that shit. So that goes on that list. But at the end of the day, it’s very important to have a sense of the gratitude stuff in it, that’s really, really important because that gives a really solid foundation for a lot of people to get short. Right. So so that, that gives me an overwhelming sense that I can do whatever I want to do in life, but does and and, you know, this whole concept sort of morphs when you get kids and your mind certainly changed. You know, I’m sure kids now and Running, you know, just running around running around the world doing stupid shit. Now I can do that stupid shit with them, which is fine. And that’s cool. But yeah, like I I, the external go to my TED talk I granted some intellectual property not too long ago called the my backup is blueprint and it’s a 12 letter acronym to how to create a personally meaningful and healthy holistic package listening go through it and it helps you explain, extract and articulate this personally meaningful list and it is for all 12 steps it sounds a little bit like a impregnated drink at the end of it. But it really helps you go north, south east west in your own brain. And it’s not just about travel, which is what a lot of people think of think of bucket list it’s not just about travel it’s about kinda kind acts for you can do for other people. It’s the big challenges that you want to do for yourself the things that you want to be really proud of before your time is up the things that you want to learn you know the legacy that you want to leave the people that you want to meet in your life. This This helps it really helps you identify small things as well as the big things because travel I’ve got a problem with that. It and especially now we can’t do it. Yeah, right in the middle of Coronavirus there’s, there’s lockdowns everywhere. So we’ve got, you know, travel is takes a little time and normally takes money to do so that’s why bucket list has got a bit of a negative connotation about it. And

Andrew Bull 28:44
Whether it’s just for the gym set and nearly you mean,

Travis Bell 28:46
It’s not. Yeah, it’s certainly not it. This really helps. Like night owl I’m, I’ve done I’ve done sessions with people and it just sparks you know, the creative juices. It gets people off the fence and makes decisions about the things that really light them up. So, you know, I was I think it was a real estate company and five ladies when it’s real estate company go and do crochet classes together I didn’t even know what the crochet was it didn’t doesn’t matter, gentlemen so it doesn’t matter it’s not my thing I had another dude buy a piano we do this really intense kind of exercise where he bought a piano and bought Piano Piano Lessons. I add you know all the obvious stuff like marathons and it’s kind of beyond now we all do that kind of stuff as part of our backs all the travel, but a lot of people I say you know, instead of them being expensive on travel, being tourist in your own town first be a tourist in your own town first. It’s how you’re choosing happiness. Am I am I designing my day? Am I designing more allows life Am I involving the people around me in my ecosystem to go after The things that we really want to go off to create a family bucket list, have everyone out their own individual bucket list, have a partner bucket list. And that’s what’s really cool as well. So we do programmes around all this stuff and unpack, you know, these things. And I don’t know what’s going to come out of people. That’s the beauty of it, the richness of what people have done. The richness of their stories is phenomenal. The things that people want to do so, epic

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Andrew Bull 30:48
Do people have social goals as well like to contribute. Is that something that comes up?

Travis Bell 30:54
Yeah, like, I like you’d like to type two goals right Andrew? So you got two types of goals. And you got you got a habit goal and you’ve also got an achievement goal, what I’m talking about here with bucket lists and more of an achievement goal, that’s when you can actually, you know, achieve something and that you’ll love this and you can say, I’ve taken before you kick it. So that’s it, that’s, that’s it’s annoying green sign if you put that into social media. Um, you’ll see our coaches and clients around the world taking stuff off their bucket list, and that’s an achievement goal. So there’s going to be an In step, tangible in step. But if you say I’m going to drink, you know, tool, it is awarded today and go on. On a run every day, that’s more of a habit goal, then than an achievement goal should the habit goals might be leading up to an achievement goal, but can you know contributing every day, being a nice person is obviously just But some method is dying that’s just something you should do is a nice human being but doing a kind x rallies you know we’ve had people launch charities we’ve had people anonymous anonymous smelly I’m saying that wrong

Andrew Bull 32:24
Anonymously yeah it’s a hard one yeah yeah

Travis Bell 32:29
Donate a certain amount of money contribute to a certain you know certain charity and a certain amount yeah so these are these are more achievement based goals rather than these habit kind of goals.

Andrew Bull 32:44
Okay. So yeah so you’ve got a mixture of those with your with your people. And like any particular really like stories of transformation that I know you can’t share individual confidential details but is there like any individual stories of like real life transformation that you could share?

Travis Bell 33:05
Oh yes I can, actually said I can so I’ve got it I’ve got a he’s a really good one. And I, there was a guy I used to run the bank or the Bank of this experience when I first started this and I there was a I think it was about 116 yeh about 160 kilogrammes his name was Cam, depressed on any person who’s borderline alcoholic. He was in a didn’t have a relationship. He was obviously morbidly obese. It just really come negative person to be around and he’s might drag him because he was a he was a biker, motorbike rider and he wasn’t in a good place and he hated his job. Anyway, he’s friend basically dragged it paid for him and dragged him along to my event. And it was a three day event. And everyone’s getting these breakthroughs and Cam was just sitting in the back of the room doing this guy. I don’t want to be and he’s my demo Miko aid and as soon as we break it go out have a ciggie. Yeah. And just just didn’t want to buy that. And I said, Cammlook my on the last night. It’s the last day Should I just do something I want. I want everyone to leave here with something done, you know, something action on their list, at least and a lot of people have actually a lot of stuff on their bucket list while though in the event, she came in and then do something nice. They went out and come back in. And he goes, yep, done. That’ll make you happy. It’s not asked what what did you remind? I entered, I entered a five year run. And he goes, I’m not a runner, and I just did it. Just keep you happy. But I can see a little glint in his eye. Something happened. True story. Anyway, he he left me shook hands. I didn’t really hear it at all. But he connected with me on on Facebook, and he’s making it I know really well. And he’s like, you’ve done something to me what you’ve done something to camp. What do you mean? He’s actually been training? He’s been training for this five k run, you’ve, you’ve got under his skin. I think I said now No, he was he was ready. He was ready. There was a part of him that was ready. Not all of him but it was a part of him already. Anyway, I went and saw him come across the line to this five care run. Now by this time, he lost a little bit of weight. He was still drinking, not as much medication from what I can remember, up in it like in the MCG in Melbourne, if you’ve ever counted canals, like over 100,000 people for AFL football, and that’s where our grand finals applied. So it’s called the run To the jury and you run into the MCG and go the big wall of screens you can see yourself up on the big screen he’s got the participation t shirt on you finished he was absolutely fact. He put the big participation medal around his neck and was really heavy he had these family up in the stands going what this is so out of character for him and he was just proud as punch we’ve hugged with man hug it out and Oh yeah, good on you, bro. You know as soon as the same day that night he went home and registered for 10k run. He did the 10k run slowly got off the drink. Slowly got off the meds, trained lost more weight started to be happier. Finished the 10 k run on the non on the northern 10 k run into the half marathon. And the story goes on the end of the market, half marathon and in the full marathon. I’ve got goose bumps and They need today half Iron Man then into the nine man full blown iron man and I remember going to the Iron Man thing what they called a catcher. This is another Iron Man this is three 3.8 k swim 3.9 yeah three point okay so 130 k bike ride and a marathon that easily you know, two three years earlier of him entering his first wife go run as a catcher. He catches it there for the last people to come in and literally catch them because this just coming he got there 15 minutes before midnight, which is a midnight was the cutoff point. So he came in with a glow sticks. You know, in the marathon he was bleeding everywhere because he chased the shit out of himself. And he was that spent but that proud at that time in his life, new relationship, new job making more money. new friend group, off the drink off medication no depression anywhere. Couldn’t have been prouder.

Andrew Bull 38:06
Wow, this is such a fantastic story awesome that such great work. You must be proud must be proud to be part of that. And as you know, love comes from him but you must be proud to be part of that journey.

Travis Bell 38:17
Yeah, and there’s lots of examples like that. You know, there’s lots of examples like that and and one other one this is more more funny one. Had this Qantas airline pilot, Steve. Now Steve same sort of event. He later in our getting to do stuff he comes he comes back in I gave him 10 minutes that could action something they bought, at least. Anyway, he came back in us is what everyone had to do something he came back in Steve was white. Now he’s a very engineering type kind of guy, you know, smart Dude, that, you know, didn’t have a big personality, quite introvert. He came back again. And he was what I could literally say he’s complex and changing on do what did you do? And you got what? What the fact that you might be doing. Steve is in front of everyone. There’s another 20 people in the room. Steve, what did you do? And he goes, this is not he just shaking his head. Dude, tell us what did you do? He goes, I can’t believe it. He has I just, I just signed up to an open mic night, and I’m doing the stand up comedy gig. And we all know the whole room. And really in the back of my mind we go, dude, you know, find funny, you know? Funny, and, and he goes, nah, but it gets worse. Dude, how could it get worse? Because that’s a ballsy move, you know, like, stand up comedy. Because now it gets worse. How could that get worse he goes on I’ll get caught up in the moment. I went onto Facebook and I told everyone when it was gonna be and where and we will just wait. Oh, That’s a vest indeed. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And everyone’s like, I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m real business. So here’s the thing. He did it. He was actually funny. You filmed it. He sent the GoPro footage to me he did twice, at the end of it. That gave him the courage to open up a business at him and his brother have been talking about for 16 years a real estate company and development company. It also gave him the courage to get out of a toxic relationship. And then ask a girl that he’d been afraid of asking out for years and he asked her out, and she said yes. And, and since then, and he gave me a LinkedIn recommendation, and a testimonial that’s like this long, just like how much in that moment changed his life. That was the pebble in the pond that that sent a ripple effect. Obviously not, you know, into different areas of his life. And that’s the beauty of this, is maybe I have to put them in a headlock to get them to do it. It’s time by the end of the die. It’s amazing when you actually track the ripple effect how broad and how wide now it goes it’s really cool. I saw so yeah,

Andrew 41:10

That’s awesome yeah. Have you got any final tips for people who’ve tuned into the show today? How they can start taking action now on their bucket list?

Travis Bell 42:15

Right now the world is taking a big deep breath in to recalibrate. I encourage people to go to my website or go to YouTube to check out Life’s Too Short by Trav Bell and go through the blueprint. And I’d love to, happy to be everyone’s, get this person to report in to me and Andrew with what you’ve put on your list and what you’ve actioned. And see how expansive it was. And whatever you do don’t compare yourself against other people. It’s just you and go with your heart not your head about what you truely want to do in life. That will keep you busy and at the end of the day I say a bucket list is a tangible life plan or a career plan or a business plan can fit into our life and not the other way round. This will really help you cos if you get engaged in that then you’ll be engaged in your business and will give you a bigger sense of why. It will pull you out of bed in the morning rather than having to push yourself. Hopefully that gives people some ideas and inspiration.

Andrew Bull 43:30

Definitely. This video will be going up on YouTube. If you want to comment on this video and leave us some ideas of what you’re going to add to your bucket list that would be great. I’ll share the link with Travis and he’ll probably follow the video and comment back. Thanks for coming on the show today, really great to have you.

Travis Bell 44:02

No worries at all.

Andrew Bull 44:05

Thanks very much.

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